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«My village Novaya Nadezhda»

«My village Novaya Nadezhda»

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Агаркова Валентина Викторовна, учитель английского языка МБОУ Ясиновской СОШ х. Новая Надежда Куйбышевского района Ростовской области

Each person has the corner where he was born and grew up. It is its small homeland the dearest place on the earth.

In the west of the Rostov region where borders of the Rostov, Donetsk and Lugansk areas adjoin, it is located the picturesque village with the beautiful name Novaya Nadezhda.

The village has received his name in days of the Great Patriotic War as a symbol of hope for the happy future.

Settling of places in which subsequently was formed the village Novaya Nadezhda began in 1909 after reform of the Minister of Agriculture of tsarist Russia of Stolypin.

Migrants represented country families from allotments of landowners of the village Dyakovo of Isayev Alexander Ivanovich and Kuibyshevo of Martynov Dmitry Martynovich. They received their allotments for rather small payment in 25 dessiatinas. They built buildings on it and grew up agricultural products by themselves. These allotments were designated on a district map by figures in order one after another. Gradually the tenth and the eleventh allotments united constructions and became the general village in which there was a school and shop. It was before October revolution. And the village received its name on the eve of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 when military topographers did a district map for the General Staff of the Soviet Russia. They so liked these places that they entitled the big village Novaya Nadezhda.

There are the boundless fields which were divided by forest belts into squares. And along the superficial small river Yasinovka, that available only on the most detailed maps, the oldest part of the village was stretched on its right coast, repeating its bends. Storozhilas still remember it as the Tenth, Eleventh, according to the names of the cut sites existing earlier here, which have laid the foundation to our village. And the youth is called "Pobeda Street, Sovietskaya, Yuybilejnaya". If to approach strictly, it is one street, but strongly curved. It goes south at first from the North, then from the North East on the southwest turns from the East to the west further. Parallel to Pobeda Street from the center of the village to the West were stretched Molodezhnaya Street and New, and to the East - the shortest – Sadovy Lane. On the left coast of the small river of Yasinovka, gradually moving away from it, there are Zarechnaya Street, Steppe, and Cherry. It is the youngest part of the village. The most part of streets is covered with asphalt. In a warm season, it is buried in verdure. The village is beautiful, especially in the spring when the trees planted along the street blossomed. The gardens surrounding small lodges blossomed.

The village is electrified and installed gas. There is a water supply system.

In the center of the village there is a two-stored building of school. Its building has been started in 1958, and in the fall of 1962 school students, with big pleasure, got over from a small country house to the big, light two-storied building. There are taught pupils from nearby villages.

In the yard of school there is an obelisk put in memory of the fellow countrymen who didn't come back from war.

During the Great Patriotic War the village was occupied two times. The first time it is on November 1, 1941 inhabitants spent in occupations the Whole month. In the summer of 1942 our parts began to recede, Soon the village was again occupied.

In 1943 our troops took the offensive.

On February 18, 1943 there came long-awaited day and the village was freed. Fascists, having become stronger on the high coast of Mius, showed desperate resistance. For some months our district turned into the front. Here were located some hospitals. Here brought wounded and buried the dead to Mius-front. More than 600 people are based upon the brotherly cemetery located at entry into the village Novaya  Nadezhda. Our 170 fellow countrymen didn't return from war, are based in the earth from Volga to Prague.

In October 27, 2012 in the territory of the village Novaya Nadezhda was a ceremonial reburial of remains of the Red Army men who were lost in the Great Patriotic War.

Thanks to work of the Don searchers, remains of 115 soldiers and officers who were lost on the Mius-Fronta line were found.

Near school it is located the two-storied building of kindergarten built in 1983.The kindergarten carries the beautiful name "Teremok".

In the center of the village there is a building of rural recreation center, it is considered the best in the area by right. Also there is a library with very wide choice of books and other editions. In the village there are some shops, a medical aid station, a saving bank and Post Office.    


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